Summer jobs: being an au pair

The au pair experience – Are you ready for an adventure?

You’re just about to finish up with some phase of your studies, and the questions begin – What shall I do now? Spend more time in school or university – but where? Find a job – but doing what? Maybe it’s simply not so clear to you yet what you’d like to do later. And maybe what you’d like best of all is first to see something of the world, to have some adventures, to discover your independence. We have an idea for you: Go ahead and give it a try! Discover the adventure of au pairing in a foreign country!

au pair experience

Spending time as an au pair is a terrific way to find out more what you’d like to do with your life. Before you go to university or during a gap year in your studies or vocational training, the au pair experience can offer very special benefits. As an au pair, you gain a unique set of experiences and can discover more about your own wishes and about yourself. What are you waiting for after all? Let your au pair adventure begin: Travel through the world. Discover another culture. Learn another language and about being independent. Seek out new challenges and become part of a new family!

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Not convinced yet?

The special thing about au pairing is not just being able to live cheaply in another country. What stands out even more is the possibility of getting to know the country and the people as they really are. And how could you better become familiar with life in your dream country, with the culture and the language, than by living with a host family that comes from there? As an au pair you’re part of a family, a temporary big sister or big bother taking care of littler ones and helping out with household chores. You receive pocket money for what you do and have room and board at no cost with your new family.

Good for your CV, too!

Besides the challenges and the unforgettable adventures and experiences, being an au pair also can do something for your future career. Good foreign language skills, intercultural compentence and international experience look great on any CV!

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