Everything You Need To Know About Finding A Remote Job In 2018


The Rise Of Work From Home Jobs 2018

Believe it or not, approximately 1 in 4 people worldwide work from home at least some of the time. And it’s no wonder why — technology has made it much easier for us to connect with each other no matter where we live. The same holds true in the workplace.

Traditional office jobs can now be done out of your home office. This opens up many more career possibilities. And more work from home job options = more work from home workers!

Technology aside, many companies embrace remote work for the benefits it brings to both the company and their employees.

Benefits of Remote Work in 2018

Companies who open up their virtual doors can tap into the best talent out there. They don’t have to limit the applicant pool based on geographic location. Instead they hire the best and brightest regardless of where they’re located. And when you have topnotch talent working for you, it makes for a better company.

Plus, companies can often save money when they hire virtual workers. How so? The overhead costs of operating an office are high — electricity, rent, water, and office supplies can run into the tens of thousands of dollars each and every month. The more employees who work from home, the more money the company is saving each month.

And, let’s be honest, remote workers get a lot of benefits from not having to commute every day too.

Pros Of Remote Work for Employees

For starters, the average commute in the U.S. is now 26 minutes each way — that’s a whopping 5+ hours for most workers just to go to and from work. Saving on expensive fill-ups at the pump each month is worth it for many. But there’s also time saved too. The second you stop commuting, you’re saving yourself an average of 250 hours annually. What will you do with the extra time? Sleep? Get your kids to school? Exercise?

It’s your time, do with it what you please!

Money and time aside, there’s the emotional well-being of remote work that many benefit from. It’s what I like to call the happiness factor (I didn’t’ name this blog Work From Home Happiness for no reason!)

Whether it’s not having to deal with rush hour traffic, feeling like we’re away from our families all day, or simply grabbing some extra sleep in the A.M., remote workers are happy workers. It’s true.

A recent study found the those of us who work from home are some of the happiest employees around. And who couldn’t use a little extra happiness in their life in 2018?

What Kind Of Work From Home Jobs 2018 Are There?

You know how I talked about technology and how it’s changed the way we work? Well, because of it, almost any traditional office job can now be done remotely.

Teachers? You bet! Medical professionals? Absolutely. Clerical support staff? Sure.

It’s not all writing, design, and social media jobs in the remote work sphere (although those are great options too!).

So, no matter what your background, education, and work history, there is, without a doubt, a work from home job for you. It’s never been easier to take your career out of the office and into your home office, without sacrificing any of your accomplishments you’ve built to date.


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