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Job search & acceptance process

  • Who are the Talents?
  • Talents are everyone who are ready to offer their skills, knowledge and passion in order to help others while monetizing their capabilities. Based on their performance, the talents get ratings after every accomplished task or job.

  • Are Talents TempEmp’s employees?
  • TempEmp does not employ talents. TempEmp simply facilitates the matching process between talents, private employers and companies offering tasks and jobs. TempEmp is a community of people in your area and it serves as a platform for you to find the right people who can meet your needs. TempEmp do not serve as the employer, it is the marketplace for connecting people, and not hiring them.

  • How to cancel the job and which penalties are involved?
  • The only way to cancel the task/job is by messaging/informing your employer beforehand. You have to keep in mind that the employer has a possibility to give you bad rating, (in case of irresponsible behavior/uninformed no-show/bad performance) which will affect your profile and future demand of your service.

Hiring & on the job process

  • How can I contact my Employer?
  • You are able to send messages or share your contact details via TempEmp.

  • Why should I use TempEmp?
  • TempEmp is a completely open marketplace, where you can look for the tasks and jobs that match your passion and skills. On TempEmp, your talent and hard work pay off. Get good reviews of a well done task/job, and become more demanding as your professional reputation grows. You do not have to pay to look for work! Setting up your profile is for free!

  • How does TempEmp work?
  • TempEmp is a free marketplace, which connects people by building the best match. You can post a task/job or offer your talent and passion! Visit our “How it Works” page to learn the easy steps of using TempEmp.

Payment Process

  • How does a payment process work?
  • The payment process needs to be discussed between the employers and the talents. TempEmp is not involved in the payment process between the both parties.


  • How do I activate / deactivate my account?
  • To activate account you have to fullfill all required steps during the sign-up process. To deactivate your account, please click on here