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Why TempEmp?

  • Save your TIME & MONEY
  • Connect in a COMPREHENSIVE & EASY way
  • Get help from PASSIONATE & SKILLED people around YOU
  • Enlarge your NETWORK
  • Adjust EASILY & QUICKLY to workload fluctuations

Searching for a specific householding?

Struggling with some university subjects?

Interested in matching your customer demand in a cheaper way?

Cannot find a talented musician, professional photographer or skilled programmer?

TempEmp is all you need to find TALENTS and PASSIONS near YOU!



Hiring & on the job process

  • Who is Employer?
  • Employer can be company or private person looking for ideal candidate or talent to get his task/job done. TempEmp helps them to find the right people for the right place in a quick and easy way.

  • What can I post as a Job or Task?
  • You can post just about anything you need help with. TempEmp is a marketplace that has a broad talent and passion categories. Check this list of categories on the homepage of TempEmp and get more information by clicking here. If the selected employee is late or does not show up, what will be the following steps? In case talent does not show up or perform bad, you have the option to give him 0 star rating which will affect his future engagement on our platform.

  • Is it really safe to hire someone from TempEmp?
  • We want you to feel comfortable choosing individuals from TempEmp community. TempEmp matches you with the suitable candidates and you choose the talent that suits you the best. Some tips for choosing the best Talent:
    • Prioritize Talents with complete profiles and photos.
    • Consider choosing only talents with verified profile.
    • Review a talent’s feedback and ratings.

Payment Process

  • How does payment process work?
  • The payment process needs to be discussed between the employers and the talents. TempEmp is not involved in the payment process between the both parties.

How to contact the Talent? (rating)

  • How can I contact the selected Talent?
  • If you want to contact the Talent, go to section Talents, pick the one who suits you the best and invite her/him for your job.

  • Can I rate my Talent?
  • We highly appreciate your feedback in order to improve TempEmp services. Therefore, after the task/job is done, you will receive an e-mail instruction reminding you to rate your selected talent.