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TempEmp Limited

TempEmp is on-demand talent marketplace & just-in-time bridge offering suitable tasks and job opportunities based on passion for the Right People at the Right Place. TempEmp adapts to the growing labor demand, which is flexibility and on-demand job performance. It offers two types of service TempTask and TempJob.


TempTask is all about peer to peer service. The individual can perform tasks based on what they love by creating the synergy of passion and profession. This gives an opportunity to follow their career muse and to exude aura of enthusiasm and purpose.


TempJob is when temporary working opportunities are offered by companies. It pairs the talents with the businesses. Moreover, TempJob can be used as an effective channel for the companies to monitor the talent's true passion for a trial period. This gives a mutual opportunity for the both parties: as the talents can expose their passion and the companies can build the reliable community with intense focus and engagement.