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In November 2014, two months into my MSc, I realized that I could not name more than three students from the MBAs studying a few meters away.

How was that possible? We all come to Barcelona and enroll in top-notch schools to receive the best education. However, we all know that in the business world, more often than not, your network of contacts makes a big difference.

I was keen on changing this, and therefore started taking an active role in organizing activities in my school, be it a stroll on the beach, a trip to Sitges or simply going for a beer.

Around 15 students came to the first thing we organized in the middle of November. But the idea spread fast and about a month later close to 250 showed up for our first networking event. And this was just one business school! What would happen if we got more than one together?

I started looking for people interested in helping me build this project and I found Bruno Ferenci (MSc in International Business at EAE), who has helped me build what we are today. I was curious whether the first time was a fluke, or if this was an idea that would attract students from other schools. We summoned both EADA and EAE students in an event planned for 300 people in March. Surprisingly, the word spread in ESADE, EURUNI, TBS, ESEI, IESE,... and we ended up being close to 700. From there, it was on. Events followed, other students started organizing things and the student community simply became stronger and I ended up with around 400 new contacts from different business schools.

But things come to an end, or do they? In July, after our MSc ended, we did not want 2015-2016 students to miss out on all this, and after heavy brainstorming we decided to build Student Network. A student organization, built for and by students, which will live on now that we’ve finished.

We also prepared a membership card, which you can get through your school’s SN ambassador. You can go to the SN Benefits section and see more details about it.

Student Network means students enjoying Barcelona. You speak up, and we make sure your words are heard. This is our strength. We are always looking for new partners, amazing individuals to enrich our team and offer the best for Barcelona's students. This is Student Network.